Tromso Feb-2012

Trondheim-Bodo train (Feb-2012)

Trondheim-Bodo train (Feb-2012)

February 2012, what an adventure! The group was only 3, we got the Oslo-Bodo train for a fantastic price and rented a car in Tromso (We got a plane from Bodo to Tromso).

We did not stay in a Cabin outside the City (don’t do it!), we got a great b&b with Breakfast and linen provided and we were able to cook there as well! Ok, I just recommend this b&b option in Tromso if you don’t wanna drive and want to stay close to the City.

We spent 5 nights in Norway, since the first was inside a train and the last in the Tromso Airport.
PS 1. Food for lunch and diner not included in the final price
PS 2. Petro is not included in the final price
PS 3. The figures are from London to Oslo, but I did Dublin->London->Oslo and Returned Oslo-Dublin

Let’s talk about numbers, figures, cash!

Tromso Feb-2012
Item What Total Price Price per head
1 RyanAir from London to Oslo Rygge (Return) 120 40
2 Bus From Rygge to Oslo (Return) 105 35
3 Train from Oslo to Bodo 66 22
4 Wideroe flight from Bodo to Tromso 195 65
5 Car rental 260 120
6 3 nights in a b&b 450 150
7 Norwegian flight to Oslo 177 59
8 Total Figures 1373 457



Picture taken at Skibotn on the last night.
Picture taken at Skibotn on the last night.