Lofoten Islands Feb-2014

February 2014, what an adventure!

This will be my craziest trip up to now, I don’t know exactly the size of the final group (2 at the moment).

Train to Trondheim to Bodo
We will fly Dublin->Oslo, get the Oslo-Bodo train and from there a boat to the BEAUTIFUL Lofoten Islands!


PS. We will camp there! (Yes, with tents and sleeping bags)

Let’s talk about numbers, figures, cash!

Lofoten Feb-2014
Item What Total Price Price per head
1 RyanAir from Dublin to Oslo Rygge (Return) 117.96* 58.98
2 Bus From Rygge to Oslo (Return) 40 20
3 Train from Oslo to Bodo 84 42
4 Boat from Bodo to Moskenes (Lofoten) 42 21
5 Bus from Narvik to Bardufoss 80** 40
6 Norwegian flight from Bardufoss to Oslo 110*** 55
7 Total Figures 473.96 236.98

*The fare was 16.99 each way but we have to include a luggage to send the tent. (that’s why the price is 117.96)
**Estimated price, never used this route.
***The fare was 51 each, but we had to include a luggage to send the tent.


If you don’t believe on these fares, the screenshots are just below.