Budget Adventures

I would say that this page is the reason for the website.

Its purpose is to share ways to go to Aurora Zone without the need of selling a liver. Some travel agencies are charging over 2k euro for a week in Lapland. For some people, this price is acceptable, but for me it will make this adventure impossible.

You can even have some comfort being a budget traveler, the whole idea is:

Plan ahead! For all my trips I did the planing with more than 6 months in advance

Buy tickets on the right time! The right time is between 3 to 1 month before the departure date, when the companies start their sales. There’s no way to know for sure. You may buy it 3 months in advance, then find it cheaper 1 week before the departure date. But better having the ticket bought then leaving it for the last week and not finding one!

Share the costs! If you go alone to a cabin, you will pay the full price by yourself, right? Right! But if you find 2, 3 or 4 crazy guys to go with you the cost will be lower, since you will share the costs. The same applies for the rent of the car :-)

The possibilities are endless, you can learn from my mistakes and save money with my advice :-)

PS. Prices shown here will be in euro.

Trips I did:
Tromso Feb-2010 – Me and my wife trip (Evelyn was in the oven)
Quick note: ~650e, 3 nights, just 2 adults and we used only planes with ryanair+norwegian to reach Tromso.

Tromso Feb-2012 – Me and 2 friends
Quick note: ~550e, 4 nights, 3 adults, we used train+Norwegian+RyanAir. We got the Train from Oslo to Bodo.
You can read in my blog the posts before the trip and after the trip.

Abisko/Skibotn Feb-2013 – Me and 4 friends
Quick note: ~550e, 6 nights, 5 adults, we went to Abisko by train and to Tromso by train+bus, got the car in Tromso and drove to Skibotn. Came back with Norwegian+RyanAir.
There is also a blog post for this trip in my family blog.